Oak Island Brand

The Oak Island Brand has been prominent in the food services & restaurant business for a number of years under the direction of C.B. Caroon Seafood. Seeing the quality products the Caroon's developed, the Fulcher family purchased this recipe as a launch into the retail seafood world. In December 2016, the first Crab Cakes and Stuffed Crabs were run at our Alliance NC facility. These items are Individually Quick Frozen ( IQF) for optimal quality. They can be packaged in either a retail or food service capacity.

Oak Island Stuffed Crab

Available in 2 oz. & 3 oz. Sizes

Oak Island Deviled Crab consist of crab meat that you can see and taste. Blended with choice seasonings and spices and packed in natural shells

Packed Per Case

(6) 1.5 Doz. 2 oz. Deviled Crabs (108 ct.)

(6) 1 Doz. 3 oz. Deviled Crabs (72ct.)

Oak Island Crab Cakes

Available in 2 oz. & 3 oz. Sizes

Oak Island Crab Cakes are loaded with meat you can see and taste. A unique recipe that doesn't disguise the crab flavor, but compliments it.

Packed Per Case

(4) 28- 2oz. Crab Cakes (approx. 112 cakes per case)

(4) 18- 3 oz Crab Cakes (approx. 72 cakes per case)